A Licensed Electrical Contractor Can Update Your Wires

Learn about the importance of a total house rewiring service in Jamaica & Queens, NY

All of the wires in your home have an important job. They distribute electricity, allow your Wi-Fi to function and run all of your appliances. When your wires are outdated, you need to schedule a total house rewiring service.

High Quality Electric of NY, LLC will replace all of your wires with ease. That way, you won't have to worry about the safety or security of your home's electrical system anymore.

Rely on us when it's time for a total house rewiring service in Jamaica, NY. Call 347-613-8767 to speak with our licensed electrical contractor about your Jamaica or Queens, NY home.

Our rewiring process

Older homes weren't built to handle a variety of appliances being plugged in every day. Today, you expect your home to handle all of your phone chargers, computer chargers, televisions and appliances at one time. Our total house rewiring service is perfect for older homes because we will:

  • Take an inventory of your electrical equipment and potential usage
  • Stay in line with local codes and obtain the proper permits
  • Determine if you want to run any other systems through your new wires
  • Strategically plan out what breakers will support what rooms and appliances


Rely on our licensed electrical contractor when you need to upgrade your electrical system in Jamaica & Queens, NY. To schedule an appointment, contact us right away.